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Educating, Empowering, & Encouraging the understanding of Military Culture! 



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Operation Mission Insight is dedicated to assisting businesses, educators, and other organizations within communities to help gain an understanding of military culture. Through personalized consulting services, Operation Mission Insight will assist organizations to develop and implement support programs tailored to meet the needs of their military clientele. 


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To Educate, Empower, and Encourage the understanding of military culture! 

Our Vision

Our Military Families are living within communities that Embrace their strengths and seek to understand their challenges!

OMI - Military Families

"As a military caregiver, transitioning back into the workforce is intimidating. Thank you, Geri, for helping me find a company that  appreciates my skills and knowledge as a military caregiver. I would not  have been able to both continue on my career path and still provide the care my veteran needs without your help. Operation Mission Insight  helped me turn my passion into my profession. Thank you!" - Hols Fischer, Post 9/11 Military Caregiver

Miami Valley Wounded Veteran Fund Scholarship 2018

2018 Recipient

We are excited to Announce the Miami Valley Wounded Veteran Fund Scholarship Award winner Ms. ShaunI Kelley-Cowan!  Shauni started at New Horizon Computer Learning Center of Dayton in the Security IT Associate Program!  Upon completion she will be certified in Security + & Network +  Congratulations to Shauni and Thank you for your service!

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Your support is greatly appreciated! Your generosity will help us get started and lay the foundation of our mission to Educate, Empower, and Encourage the understanding of military culture within communities. As well as, empower military families in dire need! Thank you! 

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Understanding Military-Connected Students

Educating Schools on the Uniqueness of Military-Connected Students. 




Assistance in the development of military recruitment programs. Veterans, spouses, and military caregivers. 

Guidance in the development of supportive programs for their military connected employees. 

Businesses & Corporations

Guidance in the development of military supportive programs. Aid in the identification of military clientele, and implementation of new policies, and procedures. 

Institutions of Higher Education

Aid the development of Military Programs. Recruitment, supportive programs, and career readiness programs for veteran, spouses, and military caregivers. 

Civilian-Private K - 12th Schools

Provide Guidance and understanding to help identify the unique needs of military-connected students. Aid in the development of academic, social, and developmental supportive programs.  

Understanding Invisible Wounds

Courses designed to help understand Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury. 

Courses are available and Tailored for:


Businesses & Corporations



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As  the founder of Operation Mission Insight, Geri Lynn's mission is geared  toward providing a view into military culture both during and after  service.  In an effort to share her story, Geri Lynn has published two  articles with Military Spouse Magazine.  

Below are the links to each of the articles:

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Married But Living the Role of a Single Mother

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